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We visited Velofollies 2019, the biggest cycling fair in Benelux with couple of prominent cyclists. Here they are bringing few highlights of our tour. 

So, what’s the checklist of Cycleur?

  • To start, getting a(nother) bike:

Cycling has become an important part of the expanding healthy lifestyle: people exchange their cars to city bikes, commuters are willing to have the best folding bicycle, hipsters are cruising around on fixies and others are getting an E-bike..

According to the Belgian sports channel Sporza, 2019 is the year of speed-pedelec. This is a special type of high-speed E-bikes that are great alternative for daily home-to-work traffic.

2 fabulous E-bike brands grabbed our attention: elegant commuting introduced by Stromer and performant Cannondale road E-bike that has been designed for the most challenging climbs.

Stromer introduces this year a the stylish and performant speed-pedelec ST5 model with irresistible design thanks to the full integration of cables. Next to it, this E-bike impressed us as well with its more powerful motor.


Cannondale presents a range with electrical road bicycles. The Bosch Active Line Plus system makes pedaling really smooth thanks to the reduction of the resistance. Next to it, this E-bike has a unique possibility to add a double gearwheel, which makes climbing the hills even easier.

  • What if you prefer something more traditional?

A bicycle is like sunglasses: for some it’s functional, but for others it’s an unmissable accessory that has to fit the taste & personality. That’s why some of you would definitely choose a custom made bicycle with an original design.

We picked for you two Belgian brands: Achiele and Marcel Kint  who offer a great range of handmade bicycles and carry on a craftsmanship of few generations.

Meet Achielle, a family business specialized in tailored city bikes, based on 3 generations of experience and craftsmanship. It combines colorful vintage looks with modern technology.

What’s special about the Achielle’s bikes? You can basically assemble your bicycle yourself: from the frame colour to the seat.

Photo: At Achielle, the secrets of cycling handcraft are being passed from generation to generation.


And how about Marcel Kint? As you might know, Belgium has quite some big names in the history of cycling. Marcel Kint was one of the great Belgian cyclists. Between 1934 and 1951 he won over 120 races and got the title of the World Champion in 1938. In the fifties, he established his own bike business. Today, his grandson Marniek is continuing the tradition of the handmade bicycles, specialized in fixed gear with a special attention to the design.

And guess what? This year he brings out brand new colorful E-bike collection, to follow the trends!

  • Well now we have a bike, let’s pick the outfit!

Let’s start with a comfortable bib shorts, designed by Decca Sportswear. Decca applies almost 50 years of know-how to design its master pieces. CEO Jan Vanpraet underlines the importance of the choice of fabrics and the most comfortable seat pads.


If you want to go from comfort to the next level, you should probably have a look at the new Craft Sportswear bibs, designed with special dyneema fabrics around the hips in order to prevent injuries from the fall.

The Belgian sportswear brand Bioracer keeps on innovating and also introduces new bib shorts this year with focus on comfort and performance.


After you’ve chosen the bib shorts, you will probably looking for a jersey. Check out this water repellent long sleeve jersey designed by Sportful. Maxim Pirard, Gran Fondo cyclist was visiting his sponsor Sportful and did a small demonstration for Cycleur De Luxe.


If you prefer more casual cycling looks, we would definitely recommend the Belgian fashion brand The Vandal.

The Vandal shares Cycleur’s passion for cycling and #climatecool philosophy. These collections are designed and created locally with organic garments.

Together with the former World Champion Johan Museeuw, we visited The Vandal to discover the latest fashionable designs.

  • To make your cycling experience more unique, don’t forget the accessories!

For urban cyclists we can also recommend Odin Wood Design: handmade authentic cycling accessories from leather & wood.

It is incredibly handy to carry your folding bike with a leather strap from Odin. Next to it, he can offer a range of other fashionable hand made accessoires.

At the end, to finalize your look, let’s get sunglasses! Optiek D’Hondt created custom-made Oakley sunglasses for Johan Museeuw.
The glasses are specially adapted to his sight. Next to it, they perfectly fit his Specialized bike, custom painted by Color Monkey.

By the way, if you are curious about our new collection, we’ve got here a special preview from Velofollies!
New items are coming soon on our website.


We hope you liked our highlights from Velofollies 2019! Follow Cycleur De Luxe footsteps to stay tuned about the latest cycling fashion trends!

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