Aaron Wester, NY influencer, about Cycleur de Luxe - Cycleur de Luxe | footwear

“I’m a sneaker addict. I wouldn’t say ‘sneaker head’, cuz those guys wait outside of shoe stores at 4am for the latest and greatest high-top. BUT, sneakers are pretty much all I wear. I’ll even wear them with suits, just to avoid wearing a dress shoe (not to say dress shoes don’t have a place in my wardrobe too). As the temperatures start to drop, I’m on the hunt for new fabrics, shapes and colors to add to my arsenal, and what could be more ‘Modern Otter’ than a grey wool and leather pair from Cycleur de Luxe?

Cycleur de Luxe is a Belgian based brand whose shoes are inspired by the country’s cycling culture. That’s still a growing concept for those of us in the States, but most of Europe has been on board for almost a century. We are making progress with our shared bike systems in major cities though 😉

The brand takes design elements from classic cycling gear and translates them into fashionable, lifestyle sneakers. You can see it on this wool pair in the contrasting leather bands and the black rubber on the bottom actually looks like tire treads wrapped around the shoe. They’re subtle details, but add such a cool story to what you’re wearing.

Cycleur de Luxe on Zappos.com | The Modern Otter

I’m all about showing a little ankle, even in the Fall, and I love the contrast of the wool sneaker next to a cropped pant. It’s a little edgy without trying too hard. The stripes in the sweater tie back to the sportiness of the sneakers, but I was mostly going for a laid-back, layered up, Saturday-in-the-city vibe.”
Aaron Wester is an Instagram style guru living in New York. Check out his account hereCheck out the full article on his blog here.
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