Discover the 5 most bike-friendly cities in the USA

It’s mostly European cities that are explicitely known for their bike friendliness. Cycleur de Luxe would like to point out the 5 most bike friendly cities in the United States. Find out where the streets are the most adapted and safe for cyclists! A big thank you goes out from Cycleur de Luxe to:
#1 Minneapolis, Minn.
The city of Minneapolis has recently invested a lot in the expansion of its cycling infrastructure: it has a wide network of adapted bike lanes.
#2 Portland, Ore.
Portland likes to call itself “Bike City, USA” sometimes but it is indeed well recognized for the effort put in to support a bike friendly community. Bike lockers, public bike rentals, free safety information, free maps for cycling tourists… Portland has it all.
#3 San Francisco, Calif.
San Francisco provides more than 200 miles of “bike boulevards”, raised lanes and low-traffic streets for cyclists. Many bike racks and garages are provided for commuters throughout the city, and locals have access to a bike sharing program as well.
#4 New York City, N.Y.
Over 250,000 New Yorkers commute to work by bike every day on over 250 miles of dedicated bike lanes! Not to mention all recreational use of the two-weeler.
#5 Detroit, Mich.
Detroit is building dedicated bike lanes around the city’s monuments and other heavily trafficked areas, ensuring safety and easy transport for cyclists and tourists by bike.

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6 reasons why you should consider taking the bike

As a lifestyle brand, Cycleur de Luxe wants to promote an enjoyable, but healthy lifestyle. We are encouraging everyone to #takethebike and join the #cycleurmovement! Need a little convincing? Here are 6 reasons why you should consider riding the two-weeler!


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Cycleur de Luxe Collection

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Cycleur presents: Titanium Extra Lightweight

Discover the newest Titanium Extra Light range by Cycleur de Luxe! Get your hands on one of the limited edition styles if you can. This range features unique soft cushioning, multicolor & a recovery EVA-outsole. We added a reflective backstrap for high visibility at night, high quality suede leather uppers and TPU protection. On addition to that, the insole of these styles are exchangeable so you can use your own for your ultimate comfort!

The Cycleur Titanium Extra Light is a range of contemporary hybrid recovery footwear made to relax your feet and legs during travel & city hopping by bike. A new generation of hybrid casual footwear is on the move… Enjoy!

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Inspired by the world of cycling

This sturdy but flexible cubic outsole is a development for our cross-season collection 2017. The look and feel of this collection is trendy, playful and contains subtle references to the world of cycling. That’s why these styles are utterly loved by Urban Cyclists all over the world!


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“Bohemian ladies” by Cycleur de Luxe

Cycleur de Luxe presents the new 727 ladies collection.

The Cycleur de Luxe Ladies autumn/winter collection is inspired on the bohemian style combined with cycling elements. The bohemian style is is a style of dressing that was popularised during the 60s and 70s. The essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics visible very well on the Oral, cognac model.

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We are hiring! [dutch]

What about becoming part of our team in Drongen (Gent, Belgium)?

Sales Assistant Nordics, more info [dutch]

Sales Benelux & France, more info [dutch]

Visual Content Creator, more info [dutch]



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A History of Paris-Brest-Paris by Max Leonard

One of the most remarkable things about cycling is how little it has changed. Bikes have got lighter, clothing tighter, wheels faster, and the athletes’ moustaches generally less big. But if, say, Maurice Garin, the first winner of the Tour de France, was transported through time to the Tour 2015, he’d be able to work out pretty quickly what was going on; give him a bike and he’d probably be pretty competitive, too.

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Exclusive models on sale

This week we’re preparing for the summer sale. From today you can order some of our finest models starting from 20% off. All Cycleur models are in breathable leather, handcrafted in Europe. That gives them a authentic look based on the cycling culture.

Our Cycleur de Luxe shoes are standardly shipped with two pair of laces with different colors so you can
transform them as you wish.




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Retro Ronde van Vlaanderen, 9th edition

Saturday, Cycleur de Luxe visited the 9th edition of the Retro Ronde of Flanders in Belgium.

The ‘Retro Ronde van Vlaanderen’ is a bike ride in Flandrien style through the historical scenery of the Tour of Flanders!

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